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Edited October 7, 2015 at 5:02pm
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Need an extra boost of motivation to reach your fitness/health goals? Hire one of our very own Personal Trainers today! We even offer buddy sessions to students and SRWC members.

Student Recreation & Wellness Center Fall 2016
• Saturday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Aquatics Fall 2016
• Saturday: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Climbing Wall Fall 2016
• Saturday: Closed

Equipment Rental Fall 2016
• Saturday: Closed

Sat, Dec. 10th

Snow Valley Snowboarding

SRFC Upcoming Events

Outdoor Upcoming Events

December 13th
Grand Canyon Winter Backpacking (Trip #355)

December 18th
Snow Valley Snowboarding (Trip #240)

January 4th
Yosemite Winter Backpacking (Trip #350)

January 8th
Snow Valley Snowboarding (Trip #68)

January 21st
Snow Valley Snowboarding (Trip #235)

January 21st
Whale Watching - TRACKS (Trip #180)

January 22nd
Getty Center (Trip #260)

January 22nd
Hike of the Month - Joshua Tree (Trip #384)

January 27th
Sespe Wilderness Backpacking (Trip #422)

January 28th
Snowshoe Hike (Trip #234)

January 29th
Snow Valley Snowboarding (Trip #238)

February 3rd
Yosemite Winter Exploration (Trip #233)

February 11th
Joshua Tree Camping (Trip #298)

February 12th
Snow Valley Snowboarding (Trip #175)

February 18th
Anza-Borrego Mud Caves and Hotsprings (Trip #62)

February 19th
Museum of Tolerance (Trip #386)

February 24th
Black Canyon Kayaking and Hotsprings (Trip #429)

February 25th
Snow Valley Snowboarding (Trip #354)

February 26th
Hike of the Month - Hollywood Sign (Trip #351)

March 4th
Whale Watching- SERVICE (Trip #296)

March 4th
Mojave Preserve Camp and Explore (Trip #423)

March 5th
Hammer Museum and Annenberg Space for Photography (Trip #424)

March 10th
Death Valley Camping (Trip #164)

March 18th
Crystal Cove Kayak (Trip #425)

March 19th

March 24th
Climbing Weekend - Bishop (Trip #323)

March 25th
TRACKS - New Orleans - Alternative Break (Trip #360)

March 27th
Havasupai Backpacking (Trip #400)