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Climbing Competitions


Currently no competitions are scheduled.

Rules for most competitions

  • Top Rope Redpoint Format.
  • Climbers are free to come and go from the wall. Score cards need to be turned in no later than the posted time to Climbing Wall Staff.
  • Climbers can attempt the routes an unlimited amount of times.
  • Points are given for completion of climb.
  • Falls are used solely to break ties. There is no point deduction for falls.
  • Climbers will be given a 30 minute and a 10 minute warning near the end of the event.
  • Scoring will be from the climbers top five routes.
  • Climbing Wall Staff can belay; however, they might not always be available. We encourage each climber to have a certified belayer.

Training and Prep

Preparing for the next climbing competition whether it be your first one or you are returning for more. Check out some of these websites for training ideas. Training Coaching

Contact the Climbing Wall Staff for more information and details at 909-537-2267. You can also stop by the Climbing Wall and ask the Climbing Wall Staff.