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Intramural Sports Official, Scorekeeper, and Statistcian


Under the direction of the Competative Sports Coordinator and the Intramural
Sports Supervisor, responsible for officiating Intramural Sports contests.


Ensure each Intramural Sport contest is delivered in a safe and enjoyable
Responsible for the enforcement of rules, policies, and procedures as outlined in
the Intramural Sports Handbook. 
Responsible for the content of the Intramural Sports Handbook. 

Assist in preparing Intramural Sports sites for scheduled activities.
Responsible for the cleanliness of equipment. Check in/out appropriate game-
related equipment.
Ensure participants observe Intramural Sports program rules and regulations
regarding risk management, safety, sportsmanship, and policies and procedures.
Discuss rules and clarify interpretations with participants when need be, whether prior or post Intramural Sports contests.

Exercise tact, good manners, and courtesy even when situations may become
emotional. Maintain a positive and patient attitude at all times.
Attend all Sports Officials meetings, training clinics, and practicals.

Responsible for scorekeeping intramural contests, and registering all players and teams.

Help out with promotions and marketing.

Work Special Events such as Greek Sports League on weekends and On-Campus Events.

Have a flexible schedule with the understanding that most of the work takes place during the evening.


Education: Must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units at California State
University, San Bernardino and maintain a quarterly and cumulative G.P.A. above
Experience: Knowledge of playing rules in the sport officiated. Proven ability to
maintain order and control under possible stressful situations. Demonstrated
ability to assume a leadership position.

Must be CPR, First Aid, AED certified prior to working or within 30 days of employment.


$9.25 - $14.00 per hour.

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