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Fitness Announcements

Hire a Personal Trainer

Edited October 7, 2015 at 5:02pm
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Need an extra boost of motivation to reach your fitness/health goals? Hire one of our very own Personal Trainers today! We even offer buddy sessions to students and SRWC members.


In the SRFC Fitness Room you will find Hammer-Strength plate loaded equipment, Pre Core cable machines and tons of free weights. Within the Cardio section of the SRFC you will have the choice of choosing from Stair climbers/steppers, Rowing machines, Elliptical trainers, Treadmills, Upright bicycles. We also offer the assistance of our Gym Staff assist you with the equipment, or answer any questions you may have.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants must secure all their personal belongings in a locker.
  2. Equipment must be returned to its proper location after use.
  3. Towels are mandatory, wipe down equipment after use.
  4. No food or drink (other than plastic water bottles) is allowed.
  5. Observe all posted signs and equipment warnings.
  6. Safe and proper use of equipment is required at all times.
  7. Actions that threaten the safety and well being of yourself or others will not be tolerated.
  8. Verbal or physical abuse towards an employee of the CSUSB Recreation Center will result in immediate dismissal from the facility, with possible expulsion from the University and legal charges filed.
  9. Shirts and athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Belts, jeans, clothing with rivets, wallet chains, sandals and open toed shoes are prohibited.
  10. Only authorized personnel are allowed to conduct personal training in this facility.
  11. *The CSUSB Recreation Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.