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Recreation & Wellness and Student Recreation & Wellness Center Policies

Part I - General

  1. NAME: The official name of the department is Recreation & Wellness. The official name of the main facility is Student Recreation and Wellness Center, hereby referred to as the SRWC.
  2. LOCATION: The SRWC is located on the East Side of the CSUSB campus; adjacent to Physical Education, Jack Brown Hall, the playing fields and tennis courts. The mailing address is:
    • Recreation & Wellness
      5500 University Parkway, SRWC
      California State University, San Bernardino
      San Bernardino, CA 92407

  3. MANAGEMENT: The Recreation & Wellness Department at California State University, San Bernardino shall be responsible for the management of the SRWC under the direction of the Recreation & Wellness Director; with policy direction from the Santos Manuel Student Union Board of Directors with advice from the Recreation Committee. The main purpose of the SRWC shall be to support Recreation & Wellness-based programs and activities.
  4. PHONE NUMBER(S): The following numbers are in effect:
    • A. General Information, call (909) 537-BFIT (2348)

      B. Student Recreation and Wellness Center Fax: (909) 537-7014

  5. PROGRAMMING: The SRWC shall host most Recreation & Wellness–based programs; including intramural sports, special events, weight training, personal training, sport clubs, non–credit classes, informal recreation, outdoor programs, martial arts, indoor rock climbing, teambuilding, fitness/wellness activities and group fitness classes.
  6. HOURS: Operating hours of the SRWC is subject to change and will vary depending on campus holidays and class schedules. Call (909) 537–BFIT (2348) for updated information or visit the department’s website
  7. PARKING: The University regulates all parking at CSUSB. Parking Lot "G" is the closest lot to the SRWC. A valid parking permit or daily permit is needed to park on the CSUSB campus. Daily permits may be obtained from the parking kiosk.

Part II – Entrance Controls


    The benefits of SRWC Membership include:

    • A. entry into the SRWC during all open hours of operation

      B. complimentary use of racquetball courts (while open)

      C. participation in selected non–credit group exercise classes

      D. Intramural Sports

      E. Aquatics

      F. reduced prices on:

      • rental equipment (outdoor)
      • non–credit classes
      • special events
      • CSUSB Outdoors trips
  2. ELIGIBILITY: Membership in the SRWC is available to all CSUSB students, Alumni Association members, faculty, staff, affiliates, and sponsored guests. To ensure that non–eligible users do not negatively impact eligible members, all members entering the SRWC must provide proof of membership every time they enter.

    CSUSB Students who are regularly enrolled and pay the Student Union fee to attend the University define this category. No additional membership fee is required for access to the SRWC.

    • A. CSUSB Students – Currently enrolled students at CSUSB are eligible to use the facilities upon presentation of valid identification. Students include:

      1. CSUSB full–time undergraduates and graduates.
      2. CSUSB part–time undergraduates and graduates.
      3. CSUSB staff and faculty who are regularly enrolled students at the University.


    Individuals who have a full–time relation with the University define this category. They have access to the facility as long as they maintain their affiliation and pay a membership fee.

    • A. Faculty – Individuals with a current academic appointment as verified by Academic Personnel.
      B. Staff – Individuals with a current staff appointment as verified by Human Resources.
      C. Retired/Emeritus Faculty/Staff – Individuals who have retired from the university or are emeritus status as verified by Human Resources.
      D. Continuing and Non–Summer School Students – Students are eligible for membership for one quarter following any regular quarter they pay registration fees. Verification is through past quarter’s enrollment records.
      E. Visiting Faculty – Visiting Faculty qualify to purchase a membership upon presentation of a letter from the department head and the dates of employment.
      F. CSUSB Alumni Association Members – Active members of the CSUSB Alumni Association upon verification by Alumni Association records.
      G. CSUSB Retirees Association Members – Active members of the CSUSB Retirees Association upon verification by Alumni Association records.


    Individuals who are considered part of the campus community by their affiliation to a CSUSB Department, program, CSUSB student or principal member.

    • A. Spouses/Domestic Partners/Roommates –of students and principal members upon verification of current affiliation and/or proof of mutual residence.
      B. Adult Dependent –of students, faculty, and staff upon verification of status of parent or guardian and proof of mutual residence. Adult dependent is defined as a son or daughter of an individual who is at least 18 years old.
      C. College of Extended Learning Students – Any currently enrolled student in the College of Extended Learning.


    Non–member guests may purchase a day–pass to use at the SRWC. Guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a member at all times. A member can sponsor only one guest per day. The guest pass allows access for a period of one calendar–day. A valid photo identification card is needed from the guest to verify their identity. Ask for a special wristband if you plan to re–enter or utilize other Recreation & Wellness facilities.


    Annual Quarterly Month Day
    CSUSB Student Member $0 $0 $0 $0
    Principal Member $140 $45 $30 $5
    Affiliate Member $200 $65 $45 $7
    Guest N/A N/A N/A $7
  4. VISITORS: Special group short term memberships are available for conference and special programs. Conference attendees must contact Housing and Residential Life to arrange membership privileges. Visiting professors, large groups/clubs and guest of the University are encouraged to make prior arrangements with the Recreation & Wellness Director to visit the SRWC on a short–time basis.
  5. MEMBERSHIP FEES: The SRWC is funded by student fees and user–fees. All regularly enrolled CSUSB students are members of the SRWC. Other eligible users can visit the Member Services Desk for current fee schedule and information.
  6. SPECTATOR FEE: Due to issues associated with non–members using the SRWC, spectators wishing to enter the SRWC to view an activity are required to purchase a guest/day pass.
  7. RESTRICTIONS: Unauthorized use of the SRWC is strictly prohibited and should be reported to staff immediately. Unauthorized non–members will be directed to exit the SRWC immediately.
  8. AGE LIMIT: For safety reasons, NO one younger than the age of eighteen (18) years of age is permitted to become a SRWC member or guest (purchase a day pass), except the following:
    • regularly enrolled CSUSB students
    • participants in supervised youth programs
    • participants in pre–approved youth sponsored events
  9. YOUTH VISITS/TOURS: Persons under the age of eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while visiting the SRWC (i.e. touring the facility, visiting the Member Lounge, attending family event days or using the locker room/rest rooms, etc.), except the following:
    • regularly enrolled CSUSB students
    • participants in supervised youth programs
    • participants in pre–approved youth sponsored events and/or tours.
  10. ENTRY: All SRWC members and guests MUST enter and exit through the entrance turnstiles adjacent to the SRWC Membership Services desk. All other doors are alarmed; passing through any alarmed door(s) is prohibited except during emergency evacuations.
    • Sneaking a non–member into the facility is a violation and will result in an automatic suspension of between two weeks and one year.
  11. MEMBER–IN–GOOD–STANDING: In order to maintain eligibility for all the benefits of SRWC membership, members must remain in good standing. A member in good standing is a person:
    • who is a regularly enrolled CSUSB student or whose paid membership account is up–to– date and/or paid in full.
    • who does not currently have membership benefits suspended due to violating an SRWC or Recreation & Wellness policy.
  12. MEMBERS NOT IN GOOD STANDING: A member not in good standing is one whose membership has expired. A member with an expired membership will immediately become a member not in good standing and become ineligible for all of the privileges and benefits a SRWC membership permits. In addition, a member not in good standing is one who has violated a SRWC or Recreation & Wellness policy and whose membership privileges have been temporarily suspended for violation of rules.
  13. MEDICAL LEAVE: A member can request their membership may be placed on hold and extended due to a medical condition. The member must present a note from their physician stating that the member is unable to participate in any physical activity. This note must include the time period they are unable to participate. During this period of time the membership will be suspended. Once the member is cleared by their physician, the amount of time their membership was suspended will be added on to their most recent membership.
  14. REFUNDS: No refunds will be granted for lack of use or participation. Refunds may be granted by the Recreation & Wellness Director in certain situations including termination of employment. Any refunds granted will be given minus a $10 administrative processing fee.


  2. INSURANCE: Individuals participate at their own risk. The SRWC does not provide participant insurance. Individuals are encouraged to obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participating in any activity.
  3. FIRE ALARM: If an alarm sounds, all users must exit immediately following the safest posted evacuation route. Fire drills will be held regularly to ensure members and guests are aware of emergency procedures. During an evacuation, everyone is asked to remain calm and cooperate fully with staff. Pulling a fire alarm falsely is strictly prohibited and is punishable under law.
  4. TELEPHONES: An emergency telephone is located at the Membership Services desk.
  5. SAFETY & SUPERVISION: All SRWC members and guests are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. Cooperation of everyone is necessary to ensure the SRWC operates properly.
  6. CONDUCT: SRWC staff reserve the right to refuse service to any member and/or guest who engage in verbal and/or physical abuse of other members, guests or staff.
  7. DANGEROUS ACTIVITY: Activity that is destructive or appears to be unsafe is prohibited and will result in retribution of repair costs and expenses relating to the destructive act. Traditional outdoor sports may NOT be played in the SRWC, including football, Frisbee, rugby, lacrosse, baseball/softball without approval of the Recreation & Wellness Director
  8. COMBATIVES: No combative activities are allowed in the SRWC without prior approval of the Recreation & Wellness Director and appropriate supervision. These activities include grappling, boxing, martial arts, wrestling, fencing, self defense or any other similar activity.
  9. REPORTS: All injuries (minor and major) sustained within the SRWC must be reported to the nearest staff member. Please report all unsafe conditions to a staff member immediately.


  1. STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: Recreation & Wellness members and guests assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with CSUSB’s function as an educational institution. When individuals agree to join the SRWC or, purchase a guest pass or participate in any Recreation & Wellness program, the person indicates, by their registration, that they agree to act morally, cooperate with staff and display sportsmanship–like behavior while utilizing any recreation facility or program. All members and guests are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. Guidelines of conduct include, but are not limited to, the examples outlined below.
  2. OFFENSIVE WORDS & ACTIONS: Spitting on floors or in drinking fountains is prohibited. Use of obscenity, insulting language, swearing, or profanity is prohibited. Harassment and/or hazing of other members or staff is prohibited. Such actions could include, but are not limited to any activity that might reasonably bring embarrassment or emotional, psychological or physical harm to an individual or might degrade or otherwise compromise the dignity of an individual.
  3. ALCOHOL/ DRUGS: Recreation & Wellness is an alcohol and drug free program. Members or guests suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be directed to leave the facility or program.
  4. STOLEN ITEMS: All items suspected to be stolen should be reported to the SRWC Customer Service Manager or Membership Services staff immediately so University Police may be contacted. Recreation & Wellness and the SRWC are not responsible for stolen items.
  5. DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Recreation & Wellness staff has the authority to demand that unruly members and/or guests leave the program, SRWC or other related facility if their conduct necessitates such action. Examples include, but are not limited to: vandalism, spitting on the floors, hanging from basketball rims, yelling, fighting, dropping weights, and/or violating the rules and regulations.
  6. CONTROL: Failure to comply with policies will result in suspension of use privileges for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of two years.
  7. FIGHTING: Any member or guest who, in the judgment of Recreation & Wellness staff, engages in an attempt to fight (strikes a person in a combative manner, throws a punch, kicks an individual, and/or retaliates against an aggressor) and an injury (any act that causes an accident report form to be filed) is sustained, shall have their privileges suspended for no less than one year. Privileges include entrance into the SRWC, Intramural Sports, CSUSB Outdoors, Aquatics, Sport Clubs and racquetball courts.
    • fighting may include only one individual or more than one if an individual fights back, retaliates or responds aggressively against an attacker.
  8. FIGHTING WITH STAFF: Any member or guest who attempts to fight (see above definition) with a staff member, while on–duty, shall have their membership privileges (see above) suspended for a period of no less than two years.
  9. UNIVERSITY STUDENT CONDUCT AND LAW ENFORCEMENT: As outlined in campus regulations and policies, participants are subject to the possibility of official CSUSB judicial proceedings and punishment from law enforcement officials for violations of the student conduct code and applicable federal, state and local laws. University student conduct and law enforcement may be done in addition to Recreation & Wellness discipline. Copies of the Incident Report form will be forwarded to the CSUSB Judicial Affairs Department and the University Police Department when Recreation & Wellness staff determines it is appropriate to do so. In all cases in which there are allegations of threats or endangerment of the health or safety of any person, reports will be forwarded.
  10. DISPUTE: Members have the right to dispute discipline. A valid dispute must concern either a misapplication of one of the rules or misinterpretation of the policies and procedures outlined within the Recreation & Wellness Policies Handbook.
  11. APPEALS: A written appeal of a decision must be submitted within 48 hours of notification. Appeal letters should be delivered to the Recreation & Wellness Director, who shall evaluate the appeal and forward all appropriate requests to the Recreation Committee for a formal hearing. Appeal hearings are the responsibility of the Recreation Committee. Upon receipt of an appeal, the committee will host a hearing at the next available meeting time. Recommendations to uphold an appeal must be approved by a majority vote of the Recreation Committee.


  1. GENERAL: Appropriate exercise attire is required. This includes comfortable, loose–fitting clothing. Please do not exercise with keys, pens, pencils or other sharp objects.
  2. PANTS: Short or long exercise/warm–up pants are acceptable. Pants or shorts with belts, denim, rivets, or cut–offs are restrictive, damaging or dangerous and not allowed while using any activity area. Street clothing and/or business attire (suit & tie or skirt) compromises the safety of the wearer and contrasts with the recreational atmosphere of the SRWC and is not allowed while participating in any activity.
  3. SHIRTS: For hygiene purposes and to prolong the life of the SRWC equipment, a shirt is required at all times while utilizing the facility. (Exception: "shirts" vs. "skins" is allowable in the multi–purpose gymnasium)
  4. SHOES: For safety purposes, closed–toed athletic footwear is required in all areas of the SRWC, except the hallways and shower/locker rooms. In an effort to minimize damage to the wood floors, the following footwear is prohibited in wood floor activity areas:
    • dark–soled shoes which may damage or mark the wood floor;
    • any shoe suspected of damaging or marking the wood floor;
    • all leather–soled street shoes;
    • open–toed athletic footwear, sandals or flip–flops;
    • muddy, dusty or dirty shoes;
    • spikeless golf shoes;
    • Astroturf™ shoes, cleats or metal/rubber spiked shoes
    NOTE: Adherence to the above policy will preserve the wood floor from undue damage. If a participant is found to be wearing unacceptable shoes, he/she may not continue their activity unless they change footwear; members and/or guests may not continue to participate in socks or bare feet.
  5. LOANER CLOTHING: For hygienic reasons, Recreation & Wellness does not loan clothing to members who do not have the appropriate attire.


  1. RENTAL EQUIPMENT: Equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, etc.) may be borrowed through the Membership Services Desk. BORROWERS WILL BE ASSESSED THE FULL REPLACEMENT COST OF ANY ITEM(S) DAMAGED OR NOT RETURNED. The member’s membership status may be changed to "not in good standing" until the equipment is returned or replacement costs are reimbursed.
  2. TOWELS: Complimentary day–use towels are available. Reminder: All fitness room users must have a towel to wipe and dry the upholstery after each use. Human perspiration is highly corrosive and may increase disease transmission. Please ensure the health and safety of our members and the long life of the equipment by wiping off the machines with a towel.


  1. REFRESHMENTS: Except in the lobby and hallway all food, drink, candy, gum, and/or any other food item(s) are NOT permitted in the SRWC activity areas due to the high volume of members and the accompanying need for high levels of custodial services, as well as to prolong the life of the facility and the equipment it contains.
  2. PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES: Non–breakable, plastic, leak–proof drinking containers, which hold water, are allowable. Glass containers and bottles are strictly prohibited.
  3. SMOKING: The use of tobacco or tobacco products in any form is prohibited in the SRWC and all Recreation & Wellness programs. In accordance with University policy, smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of the SRWC.
  4. LOCKERS: Day–Use lockers are available on the following basis:
    • Lockers are available in the SRWC hallway.
    • Large personal (bring–your–own–padlock) lockers are available for no charge in the locker rooms.
    • A small number of lockers in the locker room are available, at a nominal charge, on a first come–first served basis each quarter.
    WARNING: ALL personal locks will be cut–off and lockers will be emptied at the end of each day. Personal articles remaining in the lockers will be turned into lost & found. Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  5. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Personal belongings (gym bag, book bag, back pack, duffel bag, purse, clothing, shoes, and/or other possessions) may NOT be stored in any of the activity areas or gymnasium floors. SRWC members and guests are responsible for the security of their personal property. Attention: It is highly recommended that all personal items be secured in a locker.
  6. AUDIO/VISUAL: Members can use audio and video devices with personal headphones to maintain a safe environment for all of users. As a courtesy to other members, please refrain from using any device while passively using any piece of equipment. Unless previously approved by the Recreational Sports Director the use of musical instruments and/or amplified sound, stereo boom-box radios is prohibited. Members may use media devices to view and watch visual images and take photographs and videos in Recreational Sports programs and facilities. Media determined to be inappropriate, degrading, harassing or not authorized by the subjects captured is prohibited. Any use of media for commercial and/or profit is prohibited unless approved by the Recreational Sports Director. The use of trademarked or commercial audio and/or video without the proper approval is prohibited.
  7. CELL PHONES: For safety purposes and for the enjoyment of all members, the use of cell phones is only allowed in the lobby, hallway, administration areas, and conference rooms of the SRWC. Cell Phones are not allowed in any activity areas unless previously approved by the Recreation & Wellness Director. In life threatening emergency situations, cell phone may be used in any area of the SRWC.
  8. ANIMALS/PETS: Animals are not permitted to enter the SRWC, except for guide dogs, service or signal animals.
  9. SALES/ADVERTISING: NO unauthorized sales, advertising (flyers, posters, signs, displays, banners, etc.) or promotional activities of any kind are allowed in the SRWC unless approved by the appropriate professional staff member.


  1. RESPONSIBILITY: The responsibility of day–to–day SRWC use/reservation shall be the responsibility of the Recreation & Wellness Director or designee, who shall schedule the rooms/areas in agreement with approved policies. The following policies have been established to minimize conflicts and ensure quality recreational opportunities are offered.
  2. ACTIVITY USE: All activities shall be compatible with the designated purpose/design of the SRWC; unsafe activities or those that are incompatible with the designated purpose/design of the SRWC are prohibited. Activities shall be suitable to the respective area with the safety of the member supported at all times.
  3. PRIORITY USE: The SRWC shall be scheduled to host a variety of Recreation & Wellness–based activities in sufficient quantity and quality to maximize its use. The priority usage of the SRWC shall be to support services to SRWC members. The following guidelines describe the rank order usage of the SRWC during academic periods:
    • A. 1st Priority – Activities approved by the President of the University.

      B. 2nd Priority – Unscheduled informal drop–in use shall receive preferential ranking.

      C. 3rd Priority – Organized formal Recreation & Wellness–based programs, including intramural sports, special events, fitness classes and sports clubs.

      D. 4th Priority – Santos Manuel Student Union programs.

      E. 5th Priority – On–campus clubs and organizations.

      F. 6th Priority – Academically–related departments (Kinesiology, Athletics) of CSUSB.

      G. 7th Priority – Auxiliary organizations (Foundation, Coyote Bookstore, Alumni Association).

      H. 8th Priority – Off–campus organizations.

  4. BOOKINGS: Occasionally, groups shall be granted space during non–prime times. These space reservations are subject to availability. Lead times vary; however, the earlier a completed "Request For Recreation Facility Space form" and a signed contract is completed, the better chance for approval.
    • A. Bumping – a short–term event or one that benefits and interests a large number of students may bump activities during prime time.

      B. Length of Time – SRWC reservations shall be for no longer than seven days.

      C. Outside Groups/Reservation – the SRWC shall be scheduled for outside groups if member service standards are not compromised and the event is not during prime time;

  5. DEPOSIT: A cleaning and maintenance deposit of fifty percent of the rental is required at the time of the request. All extra cleaning and maintenance costs of the activity will be deducted from the deposit.
  6. FEES: SRWC rental charges are reviewed by the Recreation Committee each year. Any changes to the fees must be approved by the Santos Manuel Student Union Board of Directors. The rental fee grants use of the specific room plus general use of the locker rooms (showers, lockers, sauna, bathrooms), utilities, and equipment set–up and cleanup costs. The basic rental rates are:
    • Gymnasium: $600
    • Aerobics Studio: $300
    • Conference Room: $100
    • Climbing Wall: $250
  7. STUDENT ORGANIZATION FEES: Student organizations may reserve the SRWC during non–prime time hours at no charge provided that the organization does not charge fees to participants. Room set–up and cleaning fees may apply in special circumstances.
  8. PERSONAL/MONETARY GAIN: Unless previously approved, it shall be prohibited to use the SRWC for commercial groups or individuals which sponsor events and/or activities that duplicate Recreation & Wellness programs. Profit–making or gift in–kind enterprises, tournaments, meetings, teaching, coaching, personal training or instruction is prohibited without approval.
  9. INSTRUCTION: Unless previously approved, it shall be prohibited to use the SRWC by student organizations, athletic teams, groups or individuals which sponsor events and/or activities that duplicate Recreation & Wellness programs. Unauthorized tournaments, tryouts, practices, meetings, teaching, coaching, personal training or instruction is prohibited.
  10. APPEALS: If a facility reservation or lease request is denied, a written appeal may be submitted within forty–eight (48) hours of notification of the decision. Appeal letters should be delivered to the Recreation & Wellness Director, who shall evaluate the appeal and forward all appropriate requests to the Recreation Committee for a formal hearing.


  1. QUESTIONS: Explanations or clarifications of the above policies should be directed to a staff member.
  2. CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Members wishing to express a concern, suggest an improved service or praise an employee are strongly encouraged to speak to Recreation & Wellness employee and/or complete a comment card. These forms are located throughout the SRWC. These cards are collected, and answered as quickly as possible. Comments may also be made at the Recreation & Wellness website.
  3. COMPLAINTS: Recreation & Wellness members and guests are encouraged to complete a comment card or visit the Recreation & Wellness website to file a complaint concerning staff or programming.


  1. BIKES, ROLLERBLADES, ROLLERSKATES AND SKATEBOARDS: For the safety of others, bicycles must remain outside the SRWC. A campus regulation prohibits the use of rollerblades, roller–skates and skateboards on–campus or within the SRWC.
  2. STAFF: Capable and enthusiastic staff is available during all operating hours. Please seek their assistance; they are interested in helping maximize the benefits you receive in being a Recreation & Wellness member.
  3. TOURS: SRWC tours are available. Contact the Membership Services desk or call (909) 537–BFIT (2348) for a tour. Customer Service Managers will conduct a tour at their earliest convenience. Wait times should never exceed 15 minutes.
  4. CATERING/CONCESSIONS: NO outside catering is permitted without approval. The Foundation Food Service controls the sale of food, concessions, beverage and resale merchandise on campus; contact the Foundation at (909) 537–5917 for additional information.
  5. WEAPONS AND FIREARMS: NO weapons or firearms of any kind are allowed in the SRWC. Members or guests possessing any weapon or firearm will be denied access and asked to leave. Members participating in martial arts should alert the staff of any questionable item(s) prior to entering.
  6. LOST AND FOUND: Please give all items found within the SRWC to the Membership Services desk. Items will be logged and stored for an appropriate amount of time until given to University Police. Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for lost items.
  7. DISABLITY ACCESS: The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is a fully accessible facility. If an individual is in need of a reasonable accommodation, please contact Recreation & Wellness at least 5 business days in advance.