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Outdoor Soccer Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations shall govern all teams playing under the jurisdiction of the California State University, San Bernardino Department of Recreational Sports.

The California State University, San Bernardino Department of Recreational Sports reserves the right to make rule modifications and/or other changes during the course of the league whenever it deems such action necessary and proper.


Outdoor soccer games are played on the soccer fields located east to the Recreational Center.
  1. The dimension of the 7 versus 7 soccer field is, 240 ft in length and 140 ft in width.
  2. There will be two 18 ft goal boxes and a halfway line at 120 ft.


  1. There will only be a maximum of 7 players in play during a match (including the goal keeper).
  2. Substitutions have to be notified to the referee and can only occur on a dead ball, including the goal keeper.


Games consist of two, 20-minute halves. There will be a five-minute halftime. Games will start on the hour. There will be time for warming up prior to the first game and for 5-10 minutes of warm-up prior to each successive game*(with the exceptions of incidents happening). Games use running time throughout. The clock will be stopped only for injuries or for other extraordinary reasons as the official deems necessary. Goals do not stop the clock. There is no waiting period the game clock starts on the hour.


Intramurals will provide two soccer balls, pennies (to be worn by one of the teams), and goals. Cleats and shin guards are preferred for outdoor soccer.


  1. When the ball is kicked out of boundary, there will be a throw-in by the opposite team where the ball was kicked out. There will be a corner kick when a defensive player kicks it out of boundary at the goal line (end line).
  2. On the kickoff to start the game or after a goal, the defending team must be behind the halfway line.
  3. If a game results in a tie, there will be a five minute overtime. Afterwards,  if the score remains in a tie there will be a penalty kick shootout.

Generally, the rules of NCAA soccer will be used for intramurals outdoor soccer. However, there will be a number of modifications:

  1. There is no offside in outdoor soccer.
  2. There is no slide-tackling allowed. When such occurs it results in an indirect free kick at the spot of the violation, a yellow card, and a direct substitution. The only exception to slide- tackling is to save a ball from going out of boundaries without contact of another player.
  3. Defensive players must stand at least 7 yards from the ball during any free kick.
  4. Penalty kicks will be taken from above the goal box (about 36 ft away). All players other than the kicker and the goal keeper must be behind the halfway line when the penalty kick is taken.
  5. If the goalie handles the ball in any way, goal kicks and free kicks or throws by the goalie must touch the floor or be touched by a player before reaching halfway line. If a ball travels over halfway line in the air on a goal kick or goalie throw, the ball will be put in play by the non-offending team by an indirect free kick at halfway line.
  6. Rough play (fouls) will be characterized as flagrant and non-flagrant. A flagrant foul will be penalized by direct substitution. Violent, intentional violations such as pushing, tripping, etc. will bring about this penalty. After a penalty, play resumes with an indirect free kick at the spot of the foul. Continual rough play by and individual will result in a game ejection and possible suspension from the league. Non-flagrant fouls will bring about a indirect free kick at the point of the violation only. Any problems or questions which arise during a game will be dealt with by the official. One official will be present for all games and their decisions are final.


Teams with a winning record any winning record will qualify for playoffs. Teams will be determined at the discretion of the commissioner. All decisions are final.

**Again, any rules not specifically addressed will be interpreted along the lines of NCAA outdoor rules and common