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Snowboarding with CSUSB Outdoors


CSUSB Outdoors plans trips to Mt. High at Night, Snow Valley Day, Bear Mountain Day and a weekend sojourn to Mammoth and June Mountain. All of our trips include equipment rental (snowboard, boots, pants, jacket, goggles and gloves), round trip transportation from CSUSB and instruction. The CSUSB Outdoors Rental Shop is open and rents high quality gear at the lowest prices around. Check out all of our Rental Gear and Rates. For current trips offered, please check CSUSB Outdoors current calendar for some exciting trips. Oh yea... and keep your fingers crossed for a good snow year!

Latest Southern California Snow Reports

Know before you go. Find out the Conditions for all Southern California Resorts!

Mountain High at Night

Mountain High Website

Mt. High's West Resort for night of shredding the slopes under the night sky. No experience required, as we will provide instruction and guidance to turn you into a pro. You can even show up naked (although we don't recommend it) as we provide the following gear free of charge: poly pro tops and bottoms, snowboard pants, snowboard jackets, gloves, beanies, and goggles. If you prefer to bring your own gear, make sure you have clothing that is both warm and water proof.

Snow Valley Snowboarding

Snow Valley Trail Map

Snow Valley is one of those hidden gems of the San Bernardino Mountains. Located between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, Snow Valley offers an escape from the much busier slopes of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit but with just as much snow and features as those bigger resorts. We leave campus at 900pm for the short drive up the hill and an afternoon for snowboarding. This trip is perfect for both beginners who need a bit more instruction and those of us who think we are Shaun White and are ready for gnarly terrain park. We will eat dinner in Running Springs (bring money) on our way home. The plan is to return to campus around 700pm.

Mammoth Mountain Snowboarding

Mammoth Mountain Website

Mammoth Mountain is home to arguably the best skiing west of the Rocky Mountains. The area was hit with so much snow last year that many of the lifts heading up the mountain weren't't operating because they were buried under the deluge of snow. With that in mind, we couldn't't miss out on the opportunity to head north and find out for ourselves what the hubbub was about. We leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday for the scenic drive to Mammoth, stopping along the way for brunch in Bishop, before getting to the slopes in time for some afternoon powder. Once the sunset chases us off the slope, we are off to our hostel and a night of soaking in the hot tub (or bathtub filled with hot water... all it takes is a little imagination). We hit the slopes early Sunday morning (yea!), warm up with some hot chili at the lodge, and then pile back into the CSUSB Outdoor Mobile for the drive back to campus. A quick, but amazing trip. Note... participants are responsible for their own meals.

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain Trail Map

Snow Summit

Snow Summit Trail Map

Mt. Baldy

Mt. Baldy Website

June Mountain

June Mountain Website

Surfing with CSUSB Outdoors

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School and life got you down? Join CSUSB Outdoors later this spring for our Surf Saturday day trips and Surf Weekend camping trips.

Surf Weekend

The southern California coastline boasts some of the world's best surfing, hiking and scenic ocean views. While the rest of the country is still shaking off the frost of winter, we head down to San Clemente State Beach to take advantage of the sunny SoCal weather. Whether you are a surfing pro, or just a beginner, come and enjoy a weekend on the water. Dust off your flippers, load up your CSUSB Outdoors surfboard and away we go! At night we'll warm up around the campfire listening to our favorite Jack Johnson and Ben Harper tunes.

Surfing Podcasts

Podsurf TV

Surfing from around the world. Watch the world’s best surfers, in the best surf locations doing the best surf tricks. Pod Surf TV is a mixed bag of surf entertainment, surfing interviews, surfing news and surfing gossip from around the world.

Learn to Surf Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Equipment

In this lesson you will discover what equipment you will need before you start surfing. Trent Munro and Phil Macdonald will take you into the surf shop and get you decked out in all the right gear before you hit the beach.

Learn to Surf Lesson 2: Elements of a surfboard and the right surfboard for you

In this lesson you will learn all the elements of a surfboard and the right surfboard to choose for a beginner.

Learn to Surf Lesson 3: Beach Awareness

In this lesson you will discover how to identify wave types, parts of a wave, how waves are formed, measure wave height and know which waves are suitable for beginners

Learn to Surf Lesson 4: Personal Safety

In this lesson you will learn swimming and rescue skills plus what do to when you get a cut or laceration.

Learn to Surf Lesson 5: Surfing Hazards

Discover how to identify a rip and how to get out of a rip and a couple other surfing hazards.

Learn to Surf Lesson 6: Stance and Standing

Discover how to determine if you are regular or a goofy footer and pointers on how to get up onto a surfboard.

Learn to Surf Lesson 7: Attaching a Leash and Carry a Surfboard

Discover how to attach a leash to your surfboard and leg, carry a surfboard correctly, wax as surfboard, and put a wetsuit on.

Learn to Surf Lesson 8: Entering and Exiting the Water

Discover how to paddle correctly, enter and exit the water safely, exercises to warm up and get out through the waves.

Learn to Surf Lesson 9: Controlling Your Surfboard

Discover how to lie on your surfboard properly, it on your board and turn using your hands and feet and get off your surfboard correctly and safely.

Learn to Surf Lesson 10: The Right Waves for You

Discover how to select the right wave, catch a wave, and identify common mistakes beginners make.

Learn to Surf Lesson 11: Riding the Waves

Discover how to take off, trim, angle, and turn.

Learn to Surf Lesson 12: Surfing Etiquette

Discover how to act and respect other surfers in the ocean. The rules regarding dropping in and snaking. Paddling Out and getting out of the way of other surfers.